Download email addresses of prospects that are tweeting about topics relevant to you.

Businesses that use Pluck to find email addresses for the perfect prospects.

How Pluck Works

First, create your feeds on Pluck

To create a feed on Pluck, give us a search term for something that's important to you such as "SaaS". We'll monitor Twitter for people writing tweets that match the search phrase. You can also search by location.

#saas tweets

Next, Pluck will find email addresses for prospects

From the Tweets we find, we go out and figure out the email address for the person tweeting. We can't turn any Twitter handle into an email address, but this technique works well enough to be incredibly powerful at scale.

Email magic

Get the perfect prospects email lists sent to you daily

You can set Pluck to auto-pilot, which will automatically send you an email export with your prospects as we find them. You can also choose to manually review prospects before downloading.

Pluck delivery
Using Pluck email lists, our customers see open rates up to 76% and click rates up to 19%.

There is a lot you can do with Pluck.
Here are just a few ideas to start with.

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  • 10 Feeds
  • 100 emails/month

  • 20 Feeds
  • 500 emails/month

  • 40 Feeds
  • 2,000 emails/month

Your first 5 prospect emails are free on us!

The story of Pluck

Pluck was created by the team at Ramen after wrestling with a question that any business owner can relate to:

How can we find people that have expressed interest in our products and automatically email them instead of generically buying lists and spamming people just because their title or industry matches what I think it should be?

We came up with the idea for Pluck, figured out if it was possible, and deployed a prototype. After a series of tests that showed open rates in the 70% range and click through rates in the upper teens, we decided to build Pluck.

Avatar ryan

Ryan Angilly

Co-Founder & Developer

Avatar matt

Matt Haltom

Co-Founder & UX Designer

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Weston Platter


Our superstar investors

Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis


Matt Cutler

Matt Cutler

Collaboration, Cisco

Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant

Co-founder, AngelList

FG Angels' Syndicate

FG Angels' Syndicate

AngelList Round

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We're sure you have questions

Do you really turn a Twitter handle into an email address?
Yes. We employ a myriad of publicly available techniques to turn a Twitter handle into an email address. There's a lot of technical details to how it works, and even more work goes into making it work at scale. It's not a particularly easy problem, but we've put a lot of hours into solving it.

Can I download a list of email addresses?
Yes. Our monthly plans let you download the perfect prospects along with their professional and social data.

What can I search for?

You can search for anything the Twitter API support: words, hash tags, phrases, URLs, and @mentions.

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