Tired of acquiring lists of potential high-quality prospects that never pan out? Annoyed by sending endless cold emails, but never getting any response? Wondering if there is still a way you can turn your luck around and set in tactics and strategies that can help you gain more sales? To help you out we have categorized cold email tactics and strategies in various groups, helping you uncover everything from the basics to must-adds – so let’s dive in!

Basic Tactics & Strategies

When it comes to best practices for emails, it applies to every single email you sent. Regardless of it being a cold or warm email, the first connection you make says a great deal about who you are. To ensure you make the right impact, all you have to do is rely on the basics. 

Be Friendly

Be Friendly - Cold Email Tactics

Before you sit down to construct your email, we suggest you relax your body and mind – grab a drink of your choice and just get it all out and written down. Once you are done, go through the email thinking you have received it – and as you go cut down and clean the email. Great writing is not only about being grammatically correct, it’s about being concise and clear. 

Don’t Sound Like A Template – While it’s okay to use a template to get a general structure for your cold email, but it is never okay to use the template as is, only making a few tweaks. Anyone can tell you have sent them a template email and will be as unbothered as you were sending it. Furthermore, thousands of online users send users similar templates, that all end up in the recycling bin or spam folder. Here is what you can do: 

  • Tweak every line as you go, making it sound more like you and less robotic. 
  • Use it as inspiration and write a cold email tactics from scratch. 
  • Save every single cold email you get, and draw from what appealed to you about it.

Personalize & Customize Emails

Another way to ensure a response is by personalizing your emails and making a connection with your readers. Keep in mind that most people will take one look at your email and get it over within a matter of seconds. As they have a ton of emails to go through, and cannot get into every single one of them. This is why it’s best to highlight the main event using images and text and then add a small note. 

A statement message paired with a personalized touch can even help you push your response rate up to 17%. Allowing you to make a great deal of difference in sales, and creating contacts. 

Please note that personalization is not only adding your name and a few warm greetings, you must take it to the next level and add an advanced level of personalization. Including elements that show that it has been designed to cater to a specific clientele, rather than a generic blast message. 

How Can You Create Personalized Emails?

When using a template you will see that each element is customizable for each recipient. Allowing you the opportunity to change names, company name, location, or even their industry. Customizing these simple elements gives an idea of a personal connection. Making the receiver feel special enough, that says “I sat down and wrote an entire email for you”. Feeling that you are taken care of and regarded makes a huge impact that lasts. 

Moreover, this helps determine that you are a human on the other side of the screen, and not just another bot sending out spam emails. 

Make Your Intentions Clear

You cannot cover the world in your email, and that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. No one has time to go over every single detail you have to offer, and why should they? Even you as a recipient will drop off at the beginning and move forward with your day. This is why we keep on focusing on clear and concise email content. 

Additionally, when you keep spamming potential customers with pointless emails. There will come a time when they add you to the spam folder, or just stop paying attention. To ensure you make a clear statement we have added a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Sharing a blog link is a smart way to offer them a chance to learn more.
  • Following up on action can help send a gentle reminder.
  • Sharing a preview or glimpse of a new report can help get technical individuals interested. 
  • Add a personalized survey that can benefit the receiver’s business. 
  • Provide a free service, does not have to be much – but enough to get them interested. 
  • Give away free entry tickets to an event. 
  • Offering a free interactive demo.

While being clear is necessary, but that does not mean you load the email with endless details. Let the receiver go through what you have sent over and then let them decide if they are interested in getting in touch with you or not. Once you get a response, we suggest you share the details they have requested, and add a little glimpse of what else you have to offer. 

Focus on Pain Points

Focus On Pain Points - Cold Email Tactics

The email you send out is essentially a proposal, a proposal that needs to highlight a real pain point for the individual. Something that lights a spark inside them, and pushes them to make a change for their betterment. However, you must keep in mind that it is human nature to keep putting things off until there comes a point where you cannot and must make a change. 

This is why you must present the product or service you are offering as a necessity rather than an option they can get to at a later time. Come up with a way that showcases your services or product as a pain point, something that causes harm and can cost the email receiver a great deal in the long run. Once you get them interested, you can easily rope them in with more alluring offers and services. To help you get a better understanding we have listed down a few reasons you can focus on when constructing an email: 

  • Provide the pain point. 
  • Explain the solution using 1 to 2 lines.
  • Finally, offer tips that can help overcome the issue.

Give Before You Demand

Rather than demanding or asking for a purchase, it’s best to offer something. If you make a kind gesture by offering something for free, you will see an impeccable difference in your response rate. 

No one wants to blindly trust a product or service, which is why when you offer something and the interaction goes well. You can easily secure a client for life, a client who appreciates the length you are willing to go to prove your worth. 

This is why your cold email tactics must include a free audit, consultation, or information that offers the receiver something they can use to their advantage. Building the base for trust, so individuals are more likely to open up about their internal workings. 

Highlight Your Giveaway 

When you are making a gesture, it’s best to sing it out loud! Adding the term FREE catches attention, and it must be included in the subject and content of your email. Furthermore, you can even add an image to support your claim. Making sure you are making an impression, and holding the reader’s gaze. 

If you master to focus on giving out a service or product, rather than asking for a purchase you are more likely to make a positive impact. Keep in mind that everyone is selling something, you are offering something for free. Allowing you to automatically stand apart from other cold emails racking up in mailboxes. 

Moreover, making a sale is a process, and requires plenty of steps. Skipping steps will only take a step back, whereas following every step of the sale can help you ensure positive results. This step is here to remind you how important it is to consider your approach from a seller’s point of view. Ask yourself, how open are you to purchase something you have never heard of or know of personally?

Following these few steps can help you create powerful cold email tactics, one that you can use as a template to help you create future cold emails. However, if your cold email tactics start to generate good leads, we suggest you keep up with your system and only make tweaks when you make an upgrade or change a policy. This way you can easily gain a constant pull from your cold emails while focusing your efforts on other aspects of your business. There is no need to keep pushing to achieve a level that does not exist while running your cold email system in the process.